„To Konstantin Batynkov’s project „ANOTHER LIFE““



von Alexander Petrovichev February 2004.



„Wish we lived like this“: folklore“



„Another life“ is an antithesis; it’s an endeavor to return all to its natural place. An effort to understand, an effort with original failure. Batynkov wants to return within the frames of graphics as the basis of visual culture, being tired of his own profanations on this topic. M. Duchan in his days screwed off a urinal in one of European WCs, called it a fountain and with no hint of doubt dignified it a piece of art subscribing it with an invaluable signature of his, and K. Batynkov returned it (figuratively) to its place of origin in a most blasphemous way. Batynkov takes to good old painting regarding it as the one that preserves the verbal adequacy of the present days, the ones abounding in conceptual multicomplexity and new technologies. All is hand made, all is „vruchnuju“, all is original, a bit clumsy yet earnestly and boldly. Batynkov paints not the reality but an image of it, its reverse side, the one not laminated in plastics, devoid of artificial polycolor synthetics. On almost monochrome surfaces he pictures some ageographic „countryside-wise“ antiutopia, possible in comparison with a real utopia, the one we watch now directly now from another side and now from another life. City lights, gloss of cars, plastic beauties and compulsory vaccinations: this is all what Batynkov is constructively opposed to what is left beyond his picture.



„Another Life“ is a project about „culture park“ which is always nearby and available but isolated by means of a delicate fence just in case. One may swim in a pool, climb up the space nonexpendable yet used-once-and-for-all „Buran“, swing oneself (secured by a supporter) down the watch-tower considering oneself Tarzan and to remain nobody. There is a bulk of plots. Heroic grimace is not appreciated there, and the heroic spirit itself is merged with staffage, the distance between great and misery is vague and „Channel“ and „chenille“ are deemed to be the notions of one rate.



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